Hon. Mary Beth Long Discusses U.S.-Russia Deconfliction in Syria (NPR)

14 October 2015

The Hon. Mary Beth Long was a guest on NPR’s Morning Edition with David Greene to discuss U.S. efforts to establish safety protocols with Russia in Syrian airspace, as well as the broader implications of Russia’s escalating military involvement there.  Recent reports indicate that Russian and U.S. aircraft have flown missions in close proximity to each other over Syria.  In addition, Russian planes have crossed into the airspace of a NATO member country, Turkey, while flying sorties in Syria.  As a NATO advisor and former U.S. official, Ms. Long is well aware of the dangers and implications of operations over Syria.

Listen to the interview here: http://www.wnyc.org/story/us-russia-to-set-up-safety-protocols-in-syria/