Strategic Analysis And Planning Solutions

From the White House to the Pentagon, from the CIA to the highest ranks of some of the most successful commercial enterprises in the defense and security industry, Askari’s leadership and experts have successfully navigated both the policy and business worlds. We deliver to our clients the same effort and expertise that we provided for decades as highest-level policy makers and top business executives.

Our associates have developed groundbreaking policies that address complex business development, foreign negotiations, defense, security, military, and intelligence operational issues. We have worked domestically and abroad on programs relating to critical infrastructure development and protection. We have helped capture world renowned narcotics traffickers and terrorists, as well as delivered aid to school children and Tsunami victims.

We have personally been involved in policy development and execution related to counter terrorism, international maritime safety, border security, international weapons procurement, cyber security, infrastructure protection, intelligence gathering, counter espionage, business intelligence gathering, securities and finance, corporate due diligence, law enforcement, counter narcotics, criminal network solutions, threat finance, crisis management and response, risk analysis, export compliance, international negotiations and business development, and nation-building, to name just a few.

Our track record of results-driven success gives our clients the confidence of knowing that our innovative, executable solutions are anchored in decades of public and private sector achievement.