Askari Media Digest

Askari Associates brings you the Askari Media Digest, the first customized analytical digest that delivers strategic insight, news, and commentary from leading U.S. national security officials that is specifically tailored to the Middle East and available fully translated into regional languages by an expert team of linguists. Available by subscription only, each digest is hand-tailored to each client’s needs and is provided electronically in the desired language.
More than your average media compilation, the Askari Media Digest includes unique insights and personal commentary from key defense and security officials that are current on military issues, including senior civilian and military, as well as Special Operations officers. The Digest draws upon thousands of global media sources, some of them only available to select clientele, others available only through the unique relationships of the Askari team.
To these unique sources of information, the Askari Media Digest brings recent, relevant and customized strategic observations from across the U.S. national security establishment, such as the Department of Defense, the Department of Treasury, and the Department of Homeland Security.

Why The Digest?

Today’s twenty-four hour, seven-days-a-week news cycle, combined with the breadth of information available instantly to virtually anyone via the Internet, means that effective organizations face the formidable task of knowing more, and sooner, than their competitors and enemies. This means they must:

  1. Collect as much information as possible
  2. Sort through all available information to determine what is relevant, timely, and applicable
  3. Disseminate pertinent information within their organization in a swift and effective manner

Askari Associates is uniquely positioned to provide visibility and access to both media and privately developed information and analysis in order to assist its clients in addressing their information management and situational awareness challenges. Askari leadership and its associates are some of the most experienced national security leaders available in the private sector and have a proven track record of providing exceptional support for a variety of business and government clients.

The Digest is unique in that it provides:

  • Strategic insights into ongoing threats and potential conflicts
  • Specialized “know-how” on regional issues, defense news and developments, and crisis response
  • Cutting-edge analysis of developments in terrorism
  • Focus on new technologies and weapons like drones, UAVs, and cybersecurity
  • Critical examination of emerging threats like piracy and powerful criminal networks

Accessing the Digest is fast and easy: It can be sent directly to your iPhone, Blackberry or email where you can browse and read the custom-selected articles.

Available in English, Arabic, and other languages.